Binary Options: gamble or trade?

I found this article by Forbes:

This is your common “binary options scam” article. And I immediately started thinking that people who first venture into this world must really have a tough time sorting their mind out. All this bad information surely doesn’t help.

Binary Options is not gambling, it is trading. It isn’t true that you have 50 – 50 of chances: you have equal chances to win and lose only if you play without a strategy. There is a reason if only few people earn serious money with the binary options: only few people make the necessary arrangements to win.

Reach out for techniques, strategies and softwares to help you along the way. You will find plenty of them on this website.

60 Seconds Binary Trading – which software?

When I first got into Binary Options, I just traded 60 seconds. It can be fun and adrenalin-inducing… if you do it wrong.

60 Seconds options trade is one of the fastest ways to make profits with the binary options. However, money can be lost just as quickly. The main advantage is that you can essentially trade as much as you want and take advantage of any short-term opportunities you may see. You can trade multiple assets and have multiple trades on at one time, all expiring within a very short timeframe.

60 Binary Options

However, like I said, you could also lose a lot. “Over-trading” is common among new traders who want to try to catch every market move. This is what I used to do.

Never like in this case, having a proper software will dramatically increase your odds of winning. If you go around making random predictions based on your feeling, you will lose.

There are tons of softwares around but this one looks like a great option: cheap and effective!

Binary Power Bot

Binary Power Bot

This Power Bot automatizes the process of looking at graphics and predict the next trend. These signals softwares are an essential part of trading and certainly part of the arsenal of anybody who is serious about Binary Options Trading.

1) Log in to your Binary Power Bot account.
2) Receive an alert from the Binary Power Bot.
3) Place your trade with one click of your mouse.
4) Watch as your profits accumulate in your account.
Predicting trends without a software is certainly possible but it will limit your ability to make money. If you want to make a lot of money quick, you cannot do everything by yourself. Make us of a software!
The money will be well invested.

Binary Options Trading – a Complete Guide

Binary Options Trading – a Complete Guide

Everything you need to know to start making money with the Binary Options.

Binary Trading Options
Binary Trading Options

What are the Binary Options?

Binary Options Trading has revolutionized the way people invest and make money: it is quick and you don’t need to have a lot of money to start. That is right: it is enough to have 100$ to start trading and multiplying your money!

Binary Options Trading is, roughly, trying to predict which way the value of the asset is going to develop (either up or down). Whether you predict that the currency or commodity will go or down and you’re right, you get paid.

With Binary Options, you get paid both when your trade wins and when your trade loses money!

It is not uncommon, after having setting up everything, to earn in excess of 1,000$ per day with this system!

Binary Options Strategies

Main strategies for Binary Options Trading

  • The basic strategy is a simple but effective strategy for binary traders. This strategy can be used when the trades start in the correct direction. That means that if you bought a call option and the market raised (you are in the money but still need to wait until the expiry) you can use this strategy to aim high with low risks. The strategy is best described with an example:


Step 1: You buy a call option on EUR/USD at 1.3500 worth $100 with the expiry in one hour, a payout of 80% and a refund of 10%. The market moves in your favor to 1.3520 (20 points in the first 15 minutes). In this given situation, the strategy can be used as described in the next step.


Step 2: You buy a put option on the same asset (EUR/USD in this case) with the same value at 1.3520 (the option must have the same expiry as the initial one, and it will have the same payouts since it is on the same asset).There are three possibilities at the expiry:

    • Closing price > 1.3520: the first option finishes in the money and the second one out of the money. Total investment $200 and total payout $190 ($180 from the winning option and a $10 refund from the losing one). Outcome: a loss of only $10.
    • Closing price between 1.3500 and 1.3520: both options finish in the money. Total investment is still $200 and total payout is $360. Outcome: a profit of $160.
    • Closing price < 1.3500: the first option finishes out of the money while the second one finishes in the money. The outcome is the same as in the first situation: a loss of $10.


By using this basic strategy you can take advantage of a good start and risk only an insignificant amount with the chance of winning big. In this particular situation the risk is $10 and the gain is $160, which is a reward to risk ratio of 16 to 1!

Binary Options Signals

Binary Options Signals softwares and platforms cost some money… and for a good reason!

Without a proper Signal services it is extremely difficult to anticipate what way to trade. Let’s see

some of the very best Signal services available:

Binary Options Brokers

What are the best platform to trade with the Binary Options?

  • Trade Rush offers an exciting trading platform. They offer a wide variety of trades including the fast paced trades expiring every 60 seconds. The returns are competitive and the customer service is well above average. You can trade multiple types of binary options with only a $200 minimum deposit to get started.
  • 24 Option is a binary broker which is a strong favorite among many binary traders today. This is largely due to the fact that this broker is a proactive broker that offers many incentives to its traders on a regular basis. It is not uncommon for traders to regularly find 24option offering cash prizes running into thousands of dollars for their monthly trading competitions.